Firefox 3.1 support?

Hi guys,

What are the plans for supporting Firefox 3.1, either with Zotero 1.0 or with 1.5? As you know, I'm both a Mozilla developer and a keen user of Zotero, which means I'm feeling pressure to test the latest betas which I can't give in to because Zotero stops working. Is there any chance of you marking e.g. Sync Preview as compatible with the released Firefox 3.1b2, for example?

I understand you wouldn't want to track nightly builds - that's fine. But one of the points of these official beta releases is for people to test their addons with them :-)

  • 1.0 dev branch is marked compatible, and 1.0.8, which should be out very soon, will be built from that.

    1.5-sync3.5 has a maxVersion set to 3.1b3pre in its update.rdf file (and its install.rdf file on the trunk), so it should install on 3.1b2.
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