Activate web addresses in the References/Bibliography

Hi all. Been using Zotero for about a year. Love it! Great software!

However, I've just come across a small problem - I'm submitting to a journal (Part of TESOL.Asia and it requires that all web addresses in the document are hyperlinked. Since I've used Zotero and APA style, all the references have either a DOI or a web address. Is there any way I can activate them? Highlighting them int the references only allows me to edit the field.

  • not with Zotero, but I think with Word, if you have it set to auto-hyperlink URLs, you can select the bibliography and re-trigger auto formatting. The details of how to do this vary by Word version, here are instructions for Word 2013:
  • Thanks for the link. Tried the autoformat option, but it didn't work for the Zotero-generated references.
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    It works for me after the Zotero work is complete and the codes have been (edit: used removed. Are you sure that Word is set to make URLs automatically become hyperlinks? That is the default but I keep this setting turned off.

    Worst case, can you not highlight each link right-click and select "make hyperlink" or similar command from the drop down menu?
  • I finally managed to make it work. Had to exit Word, start Zotero as administrator, reinstall Word plugin, then restart both, highlight the references, and remove the field codes (I guess that's what you mean by "the codes have been used"). After that, highlighting and autoformatting worked.

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