Keywords are not being grabbed for ACM DL

Not sure if this is a bug or a missing feature.....

If i have a page of search results for the ACM DL and grab some, none of the keywords show up (as tags).

I also tried this with EndNote export but the ACM DL doesn't include them in its output.

It would be nice if the keywords could be grabbed and put in as tags.

The ACM DL includes not only keywords but classification information as well - a primary and a secondary. I would appreciate having the leaf nodes of these also become tags.
  • I would *really* appreciate any workarounds for this. I am doing some keyword analysis and so am pulling in a few hundred bibliographies.
  • It's neither a bug nor a missing feature, but it's certainly something relatively easy to add. I've just updated the translator, and it will be available tonight.
  • I really appreciate your adding this! There is, however, a minor problem. It appears that the tags that are being grabbed have leading 'stuff', white space of some sort that shows up as special characters in zotero (looks like pipes || ). Here are a few of the articles that I saw this behavior on.

    This leading space makes the tag different from the same term with no leading space -- |||||database and database are different in the tag selector, so the grouping that is sought by tagging doesn't occur.

    I can edit the tags and remove the white space but it is a time-consuming process as it takes approximately 30 seconds to edit 1 tag. Multiply that across 4-6 tags for each 250 articles and.....that is a lot of time.

    Would it be possible for me to write some sort of script to get rid of that white space? In other words, can changes be made to the zotero database via command line?

    Thanks again!
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