MLA Style and Film

Hi all:

I'm using the export feature for MLA works cited / bibliography, and it seems that the format for Films is incorrect; currently it's shown as

Director Lastname, Director Firstname. Title. Distributor, Year.

It should be, according to all versions of the MLA Style Manual I've seen:

Title. Dir. Director, Perf. Performer 1, Performer 2, Performer 3. Distributor, Year.

Can the csl be updated for this? I'm a pop culture scholar (and a Zotero evangelist), so this would be great update.
  • For further reference:

    So it seems MLA allows for two ways to cite films, one if the film is the subject of the citation, and one if the director is.
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    There is already a ticket for this. I added the MLA case to the ticket. Any creator type that's mapped to author automatically appears before the title, so if we unmap director programmers will be able to choose where this type goes in the citation. I believe the director-after-title option is more common in MLA.
  • Hello Today I downloaded the most recent version of MLA from the zotero web site and it is still citing films incorrectly. The ticket linked to above led me to believe that this problem (i.e. director name before film title, when title should come first) was fixed. Can anyone fix this? THanks.
  • no this isn't fixed yet.
    If it were, the ticket would say "closed".
    BTW. there is a style called Modern Language Association 2009 in the repository that more closely follows the most recent MLA guide.
    is the install link.

    Note that the "Include URL of Paper Articles" option in the Style tab of the preferences needs to be enabled for this style to work correctly.
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    I could change that in that csl I suppose, I'll take a look later - changing the order of items is a bit messy, but I think I have an idea how to do this.

    edit: If you decide to use the new MLA, please provide feedback here;
    I'd like this to replace the old one at some point, but it lacks testing.
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