modern humanities research style that works with ibid

I wonder if anyone can help. I am looking for a style (or for some help to build a style) that is exactly the same as the standard modern humanities research style that ships with zotero standalone, but that picks up on ibid.
Unless I am completely blind I don't think it does as standard.
Is it easy to adapt and make a suitable version for my purposes?
  • It's relatively easy to modify.

    You begin the citation section (right below <layout ... <choose>)

    <if position="ibid-with-locator">
    <group delimiter=", ">
    <text term="ibid"/>
    <text macro="point-locators-subsequent"/>
    <else-if position="ibid">
    <text term="ibid"/>

    and then change the <if> and </if> statements around subsequent to <else-if> and </else-if> and that should do it.
    General instructions here:
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