Export to clipboard instead of file

I frequently desire to rapidly insert a BibTeX reference into a document I am writing. It would therefore be useful to me to be able to export references (in BibTeX from) from Zotero directly to the clipboard, rather than to a file.
  • On the development branch we've already implemented a feature that lets you press a keystroke to generate citations for the currently selected item(s) and automatically copy them to the clipboard. This will soon be extended to support export formats as well.
  • Hi
    IMO, it would still be very useful to be able to export to clipboard instead of file from the "export" menu.
    I personnaly use drag and drop export (which is excellent) to send citations via email in a human-readble fomat (via thunderbird); and to append references in a particular existing bibtex library (via notepad++).
    Today, i have to go to preferences, export menu and change the export default style.

    It would be great if was possible to adapt the export format as a function of the destination software (similarly of what is already done with web domains), or if it was possible to switch a "second default", eg by pushing SHIFT while drag and droping

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  • I was looking to do this too and found this thread: http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/3297/export-to-clipboard/

    This makes it easier, though I wish there could be a special option for BibTeX—I use the export utility to convert to a human-readable format (e.g., APA) when writing emails, and to BibTeX when writing papers. Thus it would be more convenient if the drag-and-drop exporter preference was decoupled from the copy-to-clipboard-keyboard-shortcut exporter. (Or if there was a "Copy to Clipboard as BibTeX" context menu item.)
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    For those just coming to the discussion, try the following:

    From the export pane of the preferences window select BibTeX from the drop down menu. Then use the Ctrl+Shift+C (Command+Shift+C on a Mac) keyboard shortcut to copy any selected items to your clipboard.
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