JURIS-M/zotero APA in-text citations

When I am citing a paper with multiple authors in APA (set under doc prefs), zotero is citing as (for example) (Zapf and Roesch, 2001), when there should be an & instead of the word 'and'. Is there any way I can fix this?
  • that's odd. juris-m doesn't have its own APA style, so this is just the generica Zotero one, which is definitely correct on this.

    How about when you right-click on an item in juris-m --> Generate Bibliography and then, instead of a bib entry, generate a citation in APA format? Does that look right?

    If so, how exactly are you inserting citations into the document in question?
  • Hi,

    I'm working on a mac with Word 2011. I just tried creating the citation from the generate bibliography tool and the same thing happened.

    I am inserting citations using the zotero toolbar word plugin - insert citation --> choose citation
  • OK, I'll let Frank have a look at this before commenting further. Maybe it is a juris-m bug.
  • Do I need to link this to Frank somehow?
  • @haleenah: Thanks for reporting. I get the same result here. I'll take a deeper look and see what is wrong here.

    I'm working on some changes to the Abbreviation Filter that will require a parallel upgrade to Juris-M. I'll include a fix for this in that release, which should be out sometime tomorrow.
  • @haleenah: The cause is now clear. Juris-M runs the citation processor in a mode that expects the ampersand symbol in the locale. The current release uses the standard CSL locale, which does not include that term. I'll readjust things so that the processor is run in "Zotero mode" for the standard CSL styles, and this problem will go away.

    The timeframe for the release containing the fix will be the same - sometime late in the day tomorrow.
  • Hi Frank,

    I've just noticed another thing that doesn't seem to be happening on every citation, but sometimes it will cite the reference with the authors first name or initial e.g. 'J. L. Viljoen, 2006'

    Is there a way to get rid of this without removing the first names from the library entry?
  • that's https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/given_name_disambiguation
  • @fbennett: Just wondering if this has been fixed yet?
  • if you're in a hurry I'm pretty sure I have a workaround for you, though if not, much easier to wait for fbennett on this.
  • Hi @adamsmith, I have an assignment due today that I would like to fix up quickly! And after this I'll definitely wait for Frank to re-release etc etc
  • @haleennah,

    Sorry for not responding directly, but adamsmith's answer is on point. As explained under the link, it is almost certain that your document cites more than one item by author "Viljoen." If all of the cites refer to the same person, the name must be in exactly the same form across the Zotero/Juris-M items - otherwise the processor will add the initials in an attempt to distinguish between them.
  • Thanks fbennett, but I was actually referring to the APA ampersand issue :)
  • you'll need to modify the style. General instructions here:

    Specifically, find
    <term name="translator" form="short">

    and immediately below add this line:
    <term name="and" form="symbol">&amp;amp;</term>

    Follow the instructions for saving the modified style under the link above and you should be good.
  • @haleennah,

    Ah. And on the "and" issue, a fresh release will go up in a few minutes.

    Sorry for the delay - I put out a call for testing on some other changes to several users, and only heard back from one of them last night. I'll post again when the fresh release is up.
  • Two fresh releases just went up. They are companions, you should install both. Upgrading each should work (if you have the official releases installed); if not, you can reinstall each of the two manually to get the current versions:
  • Thank you both so much for your help!!
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