BibLaTeX translator and mvbook entry type

The BibLaTeX translator converts a book which has its volume field filled into a multi-volume entry type @mvbook
This is a confusion between (number of) volumes and volume.

A @mvbook should be created only if the # of Volumes (numberOfVolumes) field is filled. A @mvbook is not one of the individual volumes of a multi-volume book but the multi-volume book itself.

The BibLaTeX documentation has some clear examples:
p. 8:
multi-volume @book. For backwards compatibility, multi-volume books are also supported by the entry type @book. However, it is advisable to make use of the dedicated entry type @mvbook.
p. 32:
2.3.5 Titles
The following examples demonstrate how to handle different types of titles. Let’s start with a five-volume work which is referred to as a whole:
   author = {Shakespeare, William},
   title = {Collected Works},
   volumes = {5},

The individual volumes of a multi-volume work usually have a title of their own.
Suppose the fourth volume of the Collected Works includes Shakespeare’s sonnets and we are referring to this volume only:
   author = {Shakespeare, William},
   maintitle = {Collected Works},
   title = {Sonnets},
   volume = {4},
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