Zotero doesn't download attached files from WebDAV server

Hi there,

on another computer where Zotero is installed, it doesn't pull the attached files. Index are correctly pulled from Zotero's server, but it still shows the empty blue dot, and no attached files are pulled from the WebDAV server.

It doesn't show any error, though.

What can explain this incorrect behaviour?
  • This is going to be related to your other thread. Until your syncs are actually going through successfully (which isn't the case if you keep getting the same conflicts), file syncing isn't going to work.
  • I thought since it was on a different installation that it wouldn't have any relationship. Can't Zotero sync only conflictless files?
  • Data syncing happens before file syncing. In the current architecture, if there's a problem with data syncing, files will never upload. (The next major of Zotero will sync some things more separately.)

    See Files Not Syncing for more on this, but let's just resolve your other issue first.
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