sort order in bibliography

Is it possible to sort the bibliography as this:

alphabetically based on the surname of the first or sole author. Where the same sole author or same first author has two or more papers listed, these papers should be grouped in year order. Where such an author has more than one paper in the same year, these should be ordered with single authored papers first followed by two-author papers (ordered first alphabetically based on the second author's surname, then by year) , and then any three-or-more-author papers (in year order only)
  • Asplundj's question is important to me. Two months and no answer.
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    Perhaps it's because it's been discussed in other threads extensively? It's likely to show up in CSL soon-ish, but I can't predict if or when Zotero will implement it.
  • The following thread comes close:

    However, the following instruction-line makes no sense to me:

    When I open zotero via lower-right icon in Firefox, I see no url, thus I see no url to modify. Additional elaboration of the zotero://report... (see above) would be helpful.

    I'm running Z on an Asus 901 with Ubuntu.
  • Where are the detailed instructions for making the following ultra-brief summary actually work:

    Thank you.
  • By default your reports sort by title in ascending order (0-9 and A-Z). To change the order of items, add ”?sort=” followed by the item field you would like to sort by to the report's URL.
    That's really all there is to it. But the URL for the report isn't generated until you actually run a report.

    Step 1: Run a report

    Step 2: Look at the address bar and find the URL for the generated report. (It will look something like this: zotero://report/items/8077-15035-1713-4917/html/report.html)

    Step 3: add "sort=" followed by the item field you would like to sort by to the report's URL that you see in the address bar (e.g. ?sort=date).

    You can just copy and paste from the chart in the link you are asking about.
  • Thank you for the clarification. I made it work. Is there a way to sort a bibliography? Thus far when I right-click on my new database, I'm offered to save the bibliography but not via a Firefox page wherein the sort command would work. Is there a way to sort the bibliography?
  • My original question was how to get it to work with a csl style to generate at bibliography in Word
  • In the Mac version 5.055, the sort order for generating a bibliography from a collection seems to match the order in which the entries are displayed in the main window. For example, I selected a collection, clicked on the column headings for author and then date. In the main window, this sorted by date, and then by author within a single date. Then, when I right-clicked on the collection and generate a bibliography, the output was in the same order
  • @talk2dfox Sort order depends on what style you are using. For numeric styles, the sorting will be the order shown in the collection (but you would generally want to create a bibliography using the word processor plugins so that the bibliography is a more meaningful sort order).
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