Webdav get error

I'm suddenly having a problem syncing Zotero.

It starts syncing and seems to sync new bib entries, but then when the blue progress bar appears, it very quickly disappears and I get the an orange button with an exclamation mark which says: "HTTP 0 error from WebDAV server for GET request."

It is not syncing the pdf attachments, which are stored on a 4Shared webdav server.

I have gone to the Syncing Prefs and clicked on verify server and it tells me the server is verified and file syncing is set up.

Error id: 1516081530
  • The 0 means that your connection is being interrupted for some reason. Could be security software, a proxy server, or some other Firefox extension interfering, or could be a temporary network or server problem. If it continues, you should try temporarily disabling security software and other Firefox extensions.
  • It has been going on for 36 hours.

    No security software on the computer (2011 iMac running Yosemite).

    I have turned off every FF plugin and extension except Zotero itself.

    No change in problem!
  • More detail:

    - Sync from my laptop on the same network seems to work fine: I added a pdf on the laptop and synced. No warning. I then synced the iMac and despite the same webdav error, the pdf I had added on the laptop showed up on the iMac.

    - for the pdfs I added on the iMac: on the laptop, it shows the icon and title of the pdf attachment, but when I trie to open it, it says it can't locate the file.

    So upload from laptop and download to iMac seem to be working. But what is not working is upload from iMac.

  • If you provide a Debug ID with all other extensions disabled I might be able to tell you a little more, but generally speaking this indicates a problem with your computer, a proxy server, or the WebDAV provider.
  • The Debug ID is D29646920.
  • (3)(+0000001): HTTP GET http://[...]@webdav.4shared.com/zotero/2QBF4XKN.prop

    (1)(+0000211): HTTP GET http://[...]@webdav.4shared.com/zotero/2QBF4XKN.prop failed: Unexpected status code 0

    (3)(+0000000): <html><body><h1>Server Error</h1></body></html>

    (3)(+0000001): Upload request 0/2QBF4XKN failed

    (1)(+0000001): Error: HTTP 0 error from WebDAV server for GET request
    ===== Stack Trace =====
    Can't really tell you what the issue is here, but it's not Zotero itself. I'm not sure where that "Server Error" is coming from — I don't believe that's from Firefox itself, though a 0 code would suggest that the connection was interrupted. This might happen if the server (or some proxy server, security software, or malware in between) was serving that error text but then closing the connection improperly. You'll have to do some debugging on your end to try to figure out what's breaking the connection.

    Does 4shared not support HTTPS? Have you tried syncing via HTTPS instead?
  • Same problem here. Suddenly syncing issue thru webdav from yesterday.
  • @Dan Stillman

    Yes, my 4shared was not set to https and https is supported. I changed the setting to https: still getting error code 0.

    I've written to 4shared support and copied your message above with the debug out put.

    Avaaz was not installed on this computer and I've just installed it and am running a scan.

    Any indications you could provide for 'doing some debugging on your [i.e. my] end' would be appreciated.

  • I'm afraid there's really nothing more I can say. We can't help debug problems with third-party WebDAV servers.
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