keep timestamp when importing from bibtex

I have a large library, as a bibtex file, I am importing. Each entry in the bibtex file has a timestamp as

Timestamp = {2014-05-05 13:52:43}

and I'd like that information to be preserved, but I do not see how. Right now (regardless of whether I select BibTex or Better BibTeX) all entries get a new timestamp corresponding to the moment when they are imported.

Is it possible to keep the value of the timestamp?
  • Did you enter this information manually? Was it generated by some other software? The Timestamp field is not "standard" Bib(La)TeX

    What is the Timestamp supposed to be? Date accessed? Date added? Date modified? (the last two cannot be set)
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    Timestamp is a non-standard field and I think I got the idea from JabRef (I don't remember for sure, though). I can change the name to whatever needs to be. The key for me is being able to preserve a time stamp so I can order documents by that time stamp. Date accessed, however, does not seem to be what I want.
  • Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am using Better BibTex, and timestamp is a field there. When I export using Better BibTeX, the bib file contains, in timestamp, the time when I added the entry (which corresponds to the time when I imported the bib file). My (unjustified) train of thought I think was something like "date added or similar goes into timestamp; it writes it, so maybe if I give it, it'll read it".
  • I've solved the issue by directly modifying the dates using (this whole issue came up while moving from Mendeley to Zotero via bibtex:

    Sorry for the noise.
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