[MLZ] [Juris-M] word processor plugins back in action

MLZ and Juris-M users working in Word may have found that the word processor plugins began failing last week. There were a couple of underlying causes, but the short story is that the system began balking at a version check used by the plugins to adapt to the version of Zotero (or MLZ/Juris-M) in use.

The solution, which is actually long overdue, has been to repackage the plugins for use with Juris-M. This will have several advantages, principle among which are (1) that plugin version increments can be controlled independently of Zotero (so when Juris-M code updates a running behind, the system will not break on account of a Zotero WP plugin upgrade); and (2) that channels for support can be clarified, by providing links and error messages that point specifically to the Juris-M project.

All MLZ and Juris-M users should install the latest version of the Juris-M Library Client, and install the appropriate Juris-M word processor plugin.

Word for Windows users will need to disable the previously installed Zotero WinWord Integration plugin for the Juris-M version to take effect. Word for Mac and LibreOffice users should be given a chooser menu when both the Zotero and Juris-M versions are present, that requires selection of one or the other.

If you experience problems with the new plugins in Juris-M, please post reports to this thread.
  • Hi there, I got the error message that the plugin could not be installed because it appears to be "corrupt". Can you advise, please? I am using the APA referencing style which requires the first word after a colon to be capitalised and this plugin would safe a bit of time. Thank you for your reply
  • @oleander71: This thread is from 2015 (and also, to be clear, about Juris-M, not Zotero). If you're having trouble with something, start a new thread and explain exactly what you're doing and what's happening.
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    For capitalization after a colon, you wouldn't need to install Juris-M. Adding the Propachi plugin to Zotero should be sufficient. Does the plugin not install successfully?
  • "Does the plugin not install successfully?"
    It does not install at all. All I get is an error message saying that the plugin might be corrupt and the process is aborted.
  • Thanks for checking! I'll look at it this weekend and see about fixing it so it works.
  • @oleander71 I'm pretty sure the add-on is fine (it certainly installs for me) -- the "corrupt" message occurs when you try to install a Zotero add-on in Firefox. If you're using Firefox, you need to righ-click on the .xpi file and select "save-as", then install the add-on in Zotero under Tools --> Add-ons --> Install from File (and then navigate to the saved .xpi)

    @fbennett isn't the propachi version that changes capitalization after short titles/colons somewhere else, though?
  • The two plugins have been merged - @bwiernik set up an option so you can switch after-colon capitalization on and off.
  • ah that's excellent
  • Thank you everyone for getting back to me. I managed to install the plugin but it still isn't working. I ticked the box where it says "Uppercase subtitles. Enable if your style requires etc." When choosing the "Sentence case" option, references are still imported as lowercase subtitles. What am I missing?
  • The plugin affects citations, not import
  • And for best compatibility with all citation styles, you should store items in Sentence case, with a lowercase letter after the colon. Then plugin will uppercase the subtitles as needed, and you can disable that setting if you switch to a style like Vancouver that doesn’t require it.
  • Propachi doesn't work for me either... I've downloaded and installed propachi in zotero. I can see that my citations in Zotero standalone are in sentence case and not capitalized after the colon. At no point from does propachi capitalize the letter after the colon, even when the short title contains just the words before the colon in the title. When I insert a citaiton into msword, it also does not capitalize the first letter after the colon. I also have the checkbox ticked to capitalize after the colon in Propachi settings
  • @adamgblake: I just tested this, and it does work here, but not immediately after ticking the box. Stopping and starting Juris-M (or Zotero) after ticking the box for capitalization woke up the feature.
  • I've tried stopping and starting (closing and re-opening) Zotero after ticking the box for capitalization- still doesn't work :(
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    I've tested and retested here, both in Juris-M (the successor to MLZ), and in the latest Zotero release. After ticking the box for subtitle capitalization in Propachi preferences, stopping and starting Zotero (not only closing the window, but quitting the application) and restarting, the bib entry in the IEEE style for an item in sentence-case, with a title like "Book title: for an example" with a matching Short Title of "Book title" is rendered as "Book title: For an example."

    This seems to be a problem with your setup. Things to check:
    * The Propachi version (should be 1.1.136 or higher)
    * The Zotero version (should be up to date at 5.0.61 or higher)
    * Other plugins (minimal is Propachi, the word processor integration plugins, and nothing else)
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