[MLZ] [Juris-M] word processor plugins back in action

MLZ and Juris-M users working in Word may have found that the word processor plugins began failing last week. There were a couple of underlying causes, but the short story is that the system began balking at a version check used by the plugins to adapt to the version of Zotero (or MLZ/Juris-M) in use.

The solution, which is actually long overdue, has been to repackage the plugins for use with Juris-M. This will have several advantages, principle among which are (1) that plugin version increments can be controlled independently of Zotero (so when Juris-M code updates a running behind, the system will not break on account of a Zotero WP plugin upgrade); and (2) that channels for support can be clarified, by providing links and error messages that point specifically to the Juris-M project.

All MLZ and Juris-M users should install the latest version of the Juris-M Library Client, and install the appropriate Juris-M word processor plugin.

Word for Windows users will need to disable the previously installed Zotero WinWord Integration plugin for the Juris-M version to take effect. Word for Mac and LibreOffice users should be given a chooser menu when both the Zotero and Juris-M versions are present, that requires selection of one or the other.

If you experience problems with the new plugins in Juris-M, please post reports to this thread.
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