New URL / Layout for Google Patents

The Google Patents translator only recognizes patents served up under, however Google also has, which I believe to be the newer site design, though the translator does not work for it. It's the same data, however wraps the layout in additional functionality and IMO lays out the patent in a cleaner (though similar) format.

  • ticket created here:
    no promises on when someone is going to get to it, but generally google patents is fairly high priority.
  • It seems Google has downgraded the old patent search engine (to a very basic layout), so updating the translator for is much more important now. I added a note to the GitHub ticket.
  • Any luck with the new translator for Google Patents?
  • I'm afraid not -- we spent some time on it when this came up and couldn't get it to work. We can take another look, but I'm currently not optimistic
  • The old patent pages ( now seem redirect to the new format pages ( and so Zotero fails miserably. e.g., does not capture inventors, patent number, etc.)
  • I can confirm the translator is failing to get most any metadata from the new patent site.
  • This is now fixed — thanks for reporting. Your Zotero Connector should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Translators in the Advanced pane of the Zotero Connector preferences.

    Any further problems let us know & thanks for reporting.
  • Citing from appears to work now (thanks!), except that abstracts aren't making it into Zotero for newly cited patents. Is this an easy fix?
  • For the page mentioned above, there is an abstract saved. Any other url?
  • The abstract does not save for me for the patent noted above, or these:

    Am using current version, tried both Firefox and Chrome connector

    Not sure will help but submitted debug id D1874664064
  • Okay, the translator is updated and the abstract should work better now.
  • FYI - while this appeared to be working for awhile I believe the translator is having some issues now. Many fields incl. Patent number, Filing date, Assignee etc. are not being parsed properly. Also, less of an issue but the 'classifications' note is not appearing as it was.

    See e.g.
  • Okay, they website structure slightly changed such that the detection did not work anymore. Then only Embedded translator was offered with a lot of missing fields. The Google Patents translator is now updated again and this should work as before.
  • Thank you!
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