Sorting sub-collections in the saved search pane (drop-down menu)

In the saved search pane, if you select "Collection", there's a drop-down with all your collections sorted alphabetically (+numbers/symbols). That's perfect.

But sub collections seem to be sorted chronologically in this context. As a consequence, keyboard navigation in the list is hazardous. E.g. I add to my colls and sub-colls a prefix, symbol or number: "01-" "02-" "03-" "04-" but this order is not respected in the drop-down menu.

To sort sub-collections alphabetically (under their parent collection, as it is now) would be more logical and would make keyboard navigation more predictable, especially when one has renamed his sub-collections in order to sort them (btw, a dash is automatically added in this context, in order to distinguish colls and sub-colls, no pb but it's one more key to type).

Would it be a big change in the code to change that ? Any guidance ? Thanks
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