Edit style for Mammal Review

Dear users,

I am willing to use the Zotero style for Mammal Review, but there are mistakes. I think I have corrected them, but could you please check?

1) When there are more than one citation for a given year by the same first author, it should be differentiated with letters but not by adding more authors. Currently, the style does it the other way. Here are the guidelines: "Where more than one reference by
the same author(s) appeared in the same year, use '2009a, b' in both text and References"
I have found how to change it; I would remove this from line 98:

2) "et al." should be in italics in the text according to guidelines.
My suggestion would be to add this line between lines 42 and 43, and between lines 52 and 53:
<et-al font-style="italic"/>

3) The URL should not appear in the reference list (no mention of it and not in the examples in the guidelines).
I would remove this part (lines 164-166):
<text variable="URL" text-decoration="none" prefix=" "/>

4) For a book chapter, the page numbers should be preceded by ",". This works, except if there is a collection, which ends with a period.
So line 144, I would change the suffix to ",":
<text variable="collection-title" prefix=" " suffix=","/>

Did I miss something? Should I do a pull request for the modifications?

Thank you in advance,
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