Papership notes not syncing to Zotero

Hi, I am very new to Zotero and Papership, so I hope I am just making some simple mistake that is easily resolved... When I make a note on an item in Papership I would expect that it would sync back to Zotero; this is not currently happening. Is it supposed to?
  • That is a Paperhsip, not a Zotero issue I guess…
    Normally you have to pull/draw down the article list in Papership so that changes are synced from and to the server (like you would do in Mail), at least in my experience Papership does not sync automatically.
    Then it should work.

    Earlier this year however Papership had an very annoying bug which lead to some sections in freshly written notes being deleted on sync, a rather frustrating experience especially when only discovering several days later that important sentences are missing.
  • Aha! Thank you bluunksaesn :) all I had to do was pull the list down. As I thought, a simple mistake... I will watch out for the bug you mention in future.
  • Now I have run into the issue you mention.

    There seems to be some kind of logic behind it, where Papership controls only one note. But I can't quite understand it. For me this is a big problem.

    Are there any good alternatives to Papership that work better for annotating on iPhone/iPad?
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