SortingĀ : original-date vs date

Let's say your style contains this:
<key macro="author"/>
<key variable="original-date"/>
<key variable="issued"/>

That's not common at the moment because storing the original-date is a bit hackish. The issue is that items with an original date are sorted before those which don't have one, even if they are actually subsequent (reprinted) edition.
Doe, Book, 12th ed., 2002 [1933], xx+1150 p.
Doe, Book, 1st ed., 1892, x+723 p.
Doe, Book, 2nd ed., 1893, xii+759 p.

The solution would be, for the purpose of sorting, to assume that the original-date of an item is its date, when nothing is stored in its original-date field.

What do you think of that?
  • I see the logic, but I'd rather not hardcode it into citeproc/the CSL specs since CSL is perfectly capable of doing this:

    <macro name="date-sort">
    <if variable="original-date">
    <date variable="original-date" form="numeric" date-parts="year"/>
    <date variable="issued" form="numeric" date-parts="year"/>

    <key macro="author"/>
    <key macro="date-sort"/>
  • That's elegant, thanks!
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