Copied pdf file changes into linked file

In Zotero Standalone sometimes - but not always - a newly attached pdf is first shown as being attached and then becomes a linked file.

This is not what I want, I want to maintain the copy in Zotero.
Is this deliberate ? This did not exist in Zotero for FF.

What are the consequence for handling pdf of this change from attached to linked file ?

Do I have to continue to host the pdf in a separate file folder ? I usually attached the pdf to its biblio note and then deleted it.

If so, are the links relative so that if I change the folder name or its location the link in Zotero continues to work ?
Or do I have to reattach the pdf to the Zotero entry if I change the file's location outside Zotero ?

  • That sounds like a plugin, not Zotero itself.
  • I use Zotfile so I have to look in its forum.

  • edited July 9, 2015
    Most likely ZotFile, though possible something else.

    edit: you can disable that option in the General tab of the ZotFile preferences.
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