ID 367392259 bug last version Zotero

Today, i notice a update with the version of Zotero.

i Can't register any reference in Zotero. the following message error occur "Failed to register, back up process failed"

my web broser is 38.0.1 of Mozilla. I restart firefox several times without succès the same message appear.
    This is generally due to have your Zotero data directory on a network share or in a server-mirrored home directory, both of which can break normal Zotero database operations. If that's the case, you should move your data directory to the local disk.
  • I decide to reinstall the zotero plugin in firefox with my account syncronized.

    It's ok now !!

    If anyone knows what it is finally passed ?

    Best regards
  • Thanks Dan

    I 'm a librarian and I regularly exchange workstation

    so the zotero directory is locate in a server not to the local disk.

    Best regards
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