[MLZ] Word for Windows Integration error on Firefox startup

The Word for Windows Integration plug-in seems to have updated itself, and is now producing a modal error dialog every time Firefox starts up:

Zotero Word for Windows Integration 3.1.20 requires Zotero 4.0.27.SOURCE or later to run. Please download the latest version of Zotero from zotero.org

The plug-in does seem to still be working from within Word 2013, but the dialog every time the browser starts up is annoying. I am using the latest version of Multilingual Zotero. Any way to disable this message (or have the integration plug-in recognize MLZ versions)?

  • Roll back the updated Word add-on by installing the 3.1.19 version from

    Then disable automatic updating for that add-on in the add-on settings in Firefox.

    Frank will let you know when MLZ is aligned with the 4.0.27 version of Zotero again and you're save to install the 3.1.20 add-on.
  • Thanks. I'll do that.
  • you'll also want to temporary disable Firefox auto-update. I don't think MLZ (and definitely not the old Word add-on) will work with Firefox 39, released today.
  • Thanks for this news. I didn't know that there would be breakage in the plugin - sorry for the inconvenience.

    The solution will be to move from MLZ to Juris-M, since they have the same functionality, and I don't have time to maintain both.

    A manual install will be necessary. Auto-updates won't work, because Juris-M (correctly) now uses a different ID from official Zotero/MLZ, and so appears to Firefox as a completely different product. To prompt users who may have MLZ installed, but aren't following the forums, I will issue an end-of-life update for MLZ that displays a popup window with upgrade instructions. Crude, but effective.
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