Create a mindmap/explore related papers

Are there any plans - or is it even feasible - to implement some sort of mindmapping feature for cross-referencing and exploring papers in your library? I'm thinking of something akin to Qigga's "Explore" feature (

Essentially, I'd like to see a field in each entry where that paper's citations could be input. A mindmap could then be generated with those entries (the ones you have in your library), perhaps also via tags/keywords, to help you decide which are the most important papers (cited more often in your library) and which ones are more relevant to your research.
  • I think a "cited by" and "references" overview (weighted by number of references in texts) would actually be quite nice. It could be used to explore other entries in Zotero and beyond. Qiqqa has definitely some nice information recovery and retrieval tools that I would like to see in Zotero.
  • That would be so cool indeed!
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