Zotero on Firefox would not sync with Zotero Standalone

Hi everybody,

I used to have no problem syncing zotero on firefox with zotero standalone. After saving an item on Firefox I would see it immediately in the STA.

Recently I reset my firefox profile and reinstalled zotero on firefox. All the item are in order in both places, but the sync does not happen immediately. If I want an item that I save in zotero on firefox to appear on STA, I need to 1) save the item, 2) open zotero on firefox, 3) push the sync button there, 4) wait a little. Only after that the item appear in STA.

How to repair it so that the sync become immediate as it used to be?

1) I made sure that sync automatically is on on both zoteroes.
2) Both zoteroes are updated.
3) There is no error message.
  • You need to set the Zotero data directory to the same location from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences in both programs.
  • (And then, to avoid confusion and save space, you should move the old folder to a temporary location and, once you're sure you have all your data and files and everything is working properly, delete it.)
  • Thank you very much! I'll do that.

    I also just want to make sure I understand the logic right. Why do I actually need Zotero on FF? Is it to be able to 1) save items from the internet and 2) insert citations and bibliography into Word? If I delete Zotero from FF and leave STA only, I will not be able to do 1) and 2), right?
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