Error 1216206195: uncaught exception: Zotero storage URL not provided

I try Sync 2-3 weeks ago, it doesn't really works: I never be able to "log in".

I try again this morning, and I got this message:

Failed to load XPCOM component: C:\Documents and Settings\ibm\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\2wmmhk0r.Sync_Zotero\extensions\{bcb4f322-a177-4ecd-9c80-835d96e1e595}\platform\WINNT_x86-msvc\components\xmldsigtoolstub.dll

No chrome package registered for chrome://keymanager/locale/keyManager.dtd

[JavaScript Error: "uncaught exception: Zotero storage URL not provided"]

How can I fix it?

  • In the Sync pane of the Zotero preferences, either disable file syncing or enter WebDAV details if you have them.
  • I try it (I don't have WebDav), but it doesn't work again. I delete my Firefox Sync profile, and re-start at the beginning: re-install Sync, create a new profile, copy my Zo folder, etc.

    I got this new error message:1951067462

    [JavaScript Error: "[Exception... "'Another sync operation is already in progress' when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]" nsresult: "0x8057001e (NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_STRING)" location: "" data: no]"]

    My Sync is not automatic, I open Zotero, and click on the small green button...

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