Tagging Items in Group Collections

I have created a private group with all members able to edit. We added an item and discovered that only the owner can tag. Attempts by a non-owner of the group to tag an item, even if the item is added by the non-owner, fails. Can you point me to documentation on this, or confirm that it is possibly a bug? I am on a Mac, the non-owner is on Windows, both using the most recent version of firefox zotero
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    There's no such limitation. How is the person attempting to tag the item?
  • On the windows machine, item is entered into Group
    CLick sync button to update, wait on sync, then

    Click on item
    click on Tags
    Click on Add
    Enter tag in window
    Hit return key

    everything below the Add button thereupon disappears as if nothing is entered. Nothing appears on my end in tags.

    If I add tags, they appear in my view, as well in the web view.
  • They should 1) try disabling other Firefox extensions and 2) if they're still having trouble, post here with a Report ID.
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