How to save an email as an item in a Zotero library

I would like to be able to save an email as an item in my Zotero library.

A crude method for doing this is to forward the message as an attachment in Apple Mail, and then drag the attachment to my Zotero library. This preserves the content but has no meta information. Also, the header information is saved in my Zotero library as a file named with the subject of the message and no file extension. When I view the message from Zotero in Firefox it opens in TextEdit and shows all the header and formatting characters, so it's not very readable.

I would have to do considerable cleanup on the record to add meta information for use as a formatted reference.

I would welcome any suggestions or insights on how to do this more efficiently and with better readability.

Thank you.
  • the gmail print view imports into Zotero FWIW. I think interaction with any e-mail client (even thunderbird) is going to be awkward unless someone writes a specific add-on.
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