Can someone please create a style for the Journal of the American Dietetic Association?
I'm not code savvy enough to do it myself.

The style is heavily based off of the JAMA style. A major difference is listing all of the authors instead of using "et al".

Link to the EndNote style that might help: http://www.library.gsu.edu/files/research/120/jada.ens

  • There are two Journal of the American Dietetic Association styles on the styles page. One is a custom style and the other is identical to Vancouver (and requires 1.5 to install, though if you're using 1.0.7 you can just install Vancouver). You can try both and let us know any problems you see.
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    It's not doing the citations properly. JADA in-text citations are in the format (#). The citation always comes inside the period. The references are listed in order of appearance in the paper. They are currently being entered as footnotes.

    How can I change the preference from a footnote to an endnote?

    Thanks for your help. I can edit the file to remove the superscript formatting call but I can't seem to edit the code to include the citations in (). The grouping just isn't working for me.
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    I removed the Vancouver-dependent style and corrected the other one to use non-superscript numbers that are enclosed by parentheses. See the styles page for the corrected style, or install it directly via:

  • Neither JADA style is abbreviating Journals correctly. If I try to switch from one JADA style to the other (-dev), I lose references.
  • Zotero uses the journal abbreviations in the respective field in the Zotero item. Improving this is planned but will take time.

    I don't understand what you mean by "lose references".
  • Exactly what I said. If i chose the other JADA style, a reference would disappear from my bibliography and the in-text citation would also disappear and just leave the grey area. This would occur everytime I switched JADA styles.
  • I don't see two JADA styles on the repository.
    I would just uninstall the old one (using the styles tab in the preferences of Zotero). If you're not sure which one, just uninstall both and re-install the new one from the repository.
    No idea though what's happening with the references, sounds weird. Does this happen both ways? Is it always a specific reference? (If so, which?).
  • Look for JADA and also Journal of the American Dietetic Association. I cannot tell what is the difference except the Journal one is 3 months newer.

    I can't tell if it's certain ones. Each time I switched, my reference list just kept degrading.

    Thanks for looking into this.
  • note that JADA is just the Vancouver style and is not for the Dietic Association, but for the Dental Association.

    This is very hard to diagnose from afar:
    You can try to see if Zotero produces any meaningful error report, send it and post the error ID here.
    It would also be helpful if you can try out if you can reproduce this in a new document.

    I can just tell you that this is neither a known nor a common issue and that it almost certainly has nothing to do with the styles.
  • I had no idea that the JADA style was the American Dental Association. Dietitians refer to our journal as JADA.

    This could explain my issue because I know nothing about the JADA style. I know the Dietetic Assoc style is based on JAMA.
  • One thing that I'm noticing about the Dietetic Association style is that it is including URLs in citations of Journal Articles.

    Can someone who understands the coding fix this? Or tell me what I need to change.

    Current citation:
    De Vet E, De Nooijer J, De Vries N, Brug J. Do the Transtheoretical Processes of Change Predict Transitions in Stages of Change for Fruit Intake? Health Education & Behavior. 2008;35(5):603. Available at: http://www.website.com.

    Correct citation:
    de Vet E, de Nooijer J, de Vries NK, Brug J. Testing the transtheoretical model for fruit intake: comparing web-based tailored stage-matched and stage-mismatched feedback. Health Educ. Res. 2008;23(2):218-227.

    Thanks so much. Zotero is a lifesaver. I shared this with a colleague who was formatting her Thesis the "old skool" way. Zotero removed a HUGE weight from her shoulders.
  • Look in your Zotero preferences, in the style's tab - is the include URL box unchecked?
  • No it was checked.

  • I have another formatting request. The correct format for a bibliography is single-spaced. Formatting is otherwise fine.

    This is currently an issue because the in-text citations and bibliography are both following the "Default Formatting". Most written papers are double-spaced while the bibliography is single-spaced. Right now I have to manually fix the bibliography after refreshing the document.

    This tool is really fantastic. It has made writing my thesis and keeping track of all of my sources so easy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much.
  • This is a simple change, I can pass you a revised style if you're willing to test it.

    There are two spacing parameters, for spacing between entries, and for spacing within entries. Do you need single spacing only within the entries, or for both?
  • For both:

    1. Reference 1
    2. Reference 2

    Thank you so much. I just made my email address visible to other members.
  • My first attempt to control line spacing, we may need a couple of tries at this to figure out exactly how the options behave. Here's a first attempt:


    You should be able to install the style by clicking on the "download" button to save, clicking on the saved archive file to open it, and then either clicking on the "newstyle.csl" file inside or dragging it into Firefox should install it. If you have trouble, let me know and I'll send it along by email.
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    you can also directly download the (unzipped) style using the "Raw" link at the top right of the page he links to and then follow Frank's installation instructions.
  • I think it installed fine. I did get the prompt. It didn't appear to do anything though. It is still following the "Default Formatting". I restarted OOo and FF and there's no change.

    Thanks for your help.
  • @adamsmith: Hmm. Maybe I've missed something. Is it not possible to control spacing in a bibliography?
  • I don't have much time to check, but does this help?
  • I thought in the previous version it wasn't an issue. I don't remember this as a problem before and I've been using Zotero for about a year now, maybe longer.

    Also, for some strange reason, reference 11 is listed as 1 in the reference section but it's citation is correct.
  • @adamsmith: Quirky, isn't it. That's almost certainly the issue, thanks.

    @cajunlibra: I've revised the file, let's see what it does for you for line spacing. Grab it from the same location and install as before: http://gist.github.com/253690

    No idea about the reference 11 -> reference 1 issue. Shouldn't be related to these line spacing issues.
  • That still didn't do it. If you do figure it out, please post here so I can update my style.

    Thanks so much for your help. I'll just manually fix it at the end.
  • My advisor told me that when a journal article has more than 6 authors to use et al. Can someone correct this? I think I incorrectly requested that all authors be listed.

    Thanks. You are all very helpful. Keep up the good work.
  • To get around this issue, I just made sure that the default formatting was compatible with the bibliographic style. I used different styles throughout the document.

    This workaround is easy and uses the capabilities of OpenOffice.
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