Attaching pdf of a reprint in a collection

My Zotero database often has two entries for an individual item.

  • One refers to the item as originally published. For example, "Doe, John. 1990. Hello World. Journal of the Obfuscation Society 22, 3: 201-205."

  • The other refers to a reprint of the original, typically in an edited collection. For example, "Doe, John. 2006. Hello World. Pp. 375-381 in Adventures in Obfuscation, ed. Jane Dunn. NY: Obfuscater Press."

Now often I have pdf copy of the reprint, and I'd like to keep it linked to both items. But if I need to use the item for the original publication, how should it be set up to provide the correct information for the reprint as well?
  • Sorry, I'm not quite sure what the question is about: Is this about what to do with the PDF?

    If you store files as links, just link to the same file from both items, shouldn't cause any problems as long as you don't auto-change the link with ZotFile afterwards.
  • No, the question is about the metadata in each item. I want the journal article to point to the pdf from the book. But I want the citation information to indicate that I'm using the reprint instead of the original article.

    I don't know how to do this.
  • Zotero won't let you specify full reprint information for an item. It kind of depends on what you need in terms of citation, I'd say (and style guides tend to be quite flexible on this).

    In many cases, I'd just cite the article that you actually have, i.e. the version in the edited volume. If you need it labeled as a reprint, Zotero has some basic functionality that you can access with a bit of a semi-official hack (and we can point you to that if relevant), but if you want a citation with full info for both (i.e the original work and the volume in which it's reprinted) you'll have to do it manually.
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