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Can anyone add the citation style for the "British Journal of Management"?

Quoting from the website - link

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An output style for EndNote is available from the EndNote support website:

Article in journal:
Bowman, C. and V. Ambrosini (2000). 'Value creation versus value capture: towards a coherent definition of value in strategy', British Journal of Management, 11, pp. 1-15.

Perrow, C. (1984). Normal Accidents - Living with High Risk Technologies. New York: Basic Books.

Chapter in book:
O'Reilly, C., R. Snyder and J. Boothe (1993). 'Effects of executive team demography on organizational change'. In G. Humber and W. Glick (eds), Organizational Change and Redesign: Ideas and Insights for Improving Performance, pp. 147-175. New York: Oxford University Press.

Works by the same author should be listed in order of publication. Where reference is made to more than one work published by the same author in a single year, a suffix a, b etc. should follow the date, thus: (Smith, 1989b). If an author's name is mentioned in the text, it need not be repeated in the citation, thus 'Hopwood (1989, p. 5) claims that...'. For more than three names use et al., in italics, thus: McIntyre et al. (1996).

Please ensure that all citations in the text are listed in full in the reference list, and all references included in the list are referred to in the text.

Thank you very very much for your help!!!
  • We ask for style requests in a specific format, especially with specific sample references as described here:
    as this helps us to quickly identify related citation styles we can use as a template
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