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Dear users,

I would like to use the csl style for Oecologia, but there is a mistake; all authors should be listed in the reference list. In the style, they are abbreviated with "et al." when there are 3+ authors.

Here the guidelines from Oecologia (for all types of reference)
"name(s) and initial(s) of all authors"

I usually edit styles myself, but when I open the Oecologia style, it's basically empty. I have no idea how to edit such a format.

Thank you in advance!
  • you can just use this:

    which will be the same style but without et-al. We'll switch this over on the repository as soon as possible, but that won't change anything for you. (The reason you're not seeing any actual style for Oecologia is that it's just a link to a generic Springer style -- in this case apparently the wrong one).
  • Thank you for your fast answer!
    I did not know that the style could be linked. It might be practical for some reasons, but it is not for users that wish to edit the styles themselves.
  • The linked style is always is listed as the independent-parent link:
    https://www.zotero.org/styles/oecologia?source=1 (7th line of code)
    so it's easy to identify.
    Using links prevents you from having to know which of the various Springer styles is used by Oecologia or any other given journal and means we have to maintain far fewer styles (about 6,500 of the available 7,800 styles are dependent styles, i.e. links).
  • That does make sense to use links then ;)
  • It's 2020, and the Oecologia style still hasn't been updated. I just posted the error.
  • Please do not double post. It does not help anything/anyone.

    See https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/81984/style-error-oecologia#latest for an answer on the issue.
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