New style in Zotero style editor

Dear users,

I am using a new style (Oecologia) and I usually use the Zotero Style Editor to check if it complies with the journal guidelines. I have downloaded and installed this new style and it does not appear in the list in the ZSE.

Any idea?
Is there another way to check the output of a style without searching the whole MS for errors?

Thanks in advance,
  • I should add that the style is available and working in Zotero for Firefox and Word.
  • I have the same issue with Tapuscrit, it does not appear in my list either although it has been downloaded. Any help please?
  • @Eudoxia: I assume this is the same issue as here:
    so not the same issue icalandra (who does use the Zotero client) has.

    @icalandra -- sorry, overlooked this. Oecologia isn't an actual citation style. It's just a link to Springer (author date), which you'll find in the ZSE. These links, which we refer to as "dependent styles", never show up in the editor because there isn't anything you could edit.
  • Yes you were right adamsmith, thank you!
  • @adamsmith: I understood it later when I realized that these styles are linked to "master" styles. But thank you for your answer.
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