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My institution is always behind on Firefox versions and I can't change that. Recently we were upgraded to 38.0.1 and now we have a very obvious problem and possibly some others. I have Zotero installed. I'm not necessarily supposed to update Zotero without IT permission, but my browser allows it.

The obvious problem is that the icons for files, folders, Web pages, do not appear in the address bar even when Zotero is installed. Since this is how most of us use Zotero, it's a major functional problem for us. However, add item by identifier doesn't work either when I try ISBNs. It tries for awhile, and then the window goes away.

When I try to export a citation or bibliography as CSV, Zotero hangs at "Exporting items" and just hangs. Zotero is stuck, though I can close it with the button in the upper right corner. Then I can't open it again: "A Zotero operation is currently in progress." Expect I'll need to restart browser to access Zotero again.

I am able to export a citation or bibliography to HTML or the clipboard.

If this is a versioning incompatibility please let me know where to find a list of what Zotero versions work with what browsers versions.

I have not tried to uninstall/reinstall yet and I have not erased any cache files or performed any other housekeeping.


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    It's definitely a compatibility issue, yes.
    I don't think there is a list of compatibilities, simply because outdated Zotero versions aren't supported.
    The current Zotero version is always compatible with the current Firefox version (as well as the current ESR Firefox version), so you could check the Zotero changelog
    and compare it to Firefox release dates to see what 4.0.17 was compatible with.

    (edit: or you can just update Zotero and ignore what you're supposed to do; since IT is supposed to make your life easier and not put up obstacles or force you to work with outdated software, I wouldn't feel terribly obligated to follow their edicts.)

    A setup that might work better for you is to (have IT) install Zotero Standalone and then work with the Chrome connector. The Chrome connector is updated very rarely and you'll have less problems running outdated Zotero versions will generally work with that, though as I said, we only support current Zotero versions, so no guarantees.
  • Thanks. At present we don't have Chrome at all, but that may be changing soon... We'll keep hobbling along as best we can.

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