Exporting with PDFs from Zotero to EndNote

I see the instructions to do this from EndNote to Zotero at https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/importing_records_from_endnote but how do I do the reverse -- exporting a library with the attached pdfs from Zotero to EndNote?
  • Endnote doesn't understand relative links properly. It's really on them to fix that -- we jumped through all kinds of hoops to make their PDF export work -- but I think the following should work:

    1. From Zotero, export as Endnote XML with Files
    2. Open the exported folder and move all the subfolders in it (which contain the PDF attachments) to Endnote's PDF folder.
    3. Now Import the Exported Items.xml file into Endnote.
  • Thanks. And can I assume that the process on the page about, for exporting records with PDFs from EndNote to Zotero, only has to be done once if saved?
  • you mean the modifying the RIS Export in Endnote? I'm not even sure that's necessary at all anymore, they may have updated their filter. But if not, definitely only once, yes.

    You can also export as Endnote XML, which may overall be smoother and doesn't require any prep (though you need to follow the same instructions on where to save the exported file).
  • Yes, the L1 line is already there. And since the export as EndNote XML requires no prep, perhaps the documentation at the above link could be updated.
  • Yes -- I vaguely remember there being some type of issue that prevented us from changing the documentation. @aurimas -- do you remember?
  • Nope, that exports citations very easily but not the pdfs. OK, I will stick to the instructions on the documentation.
  • you mean the Endnote XML export? That does import PDFs for me. You're sure you saved it to the right place?
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