Multi-select tags on one article (for deletion)

Sometimes, when I import an article, I end up with a ton of tags (40+ on some). It would be nice if there were a way to delete more than one tag at a time (multi-select, delete). It's still very slow when I delete a tag so it's taking forever to clean up my references.

It would also be nice to be able to do this in the tag browser.
  • Hi TessaC,

    This is not exactly what you asked for but I think it may well solve your issues.

    The next beta release of Zotero will make a distinction between automatic tags and tags you have created. You will be able to toggle the automatic tags in and out of view, or through the preferences chose not to capture the automatic tags at all.

  • I would also vote for this feature as I'm having the same troble as TessaC. Also (I'm using 1.0.0b4.r2.r1365) the distinction between automatic and tags I have created is not quite clear for me.
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