SBL 1st ed.

Is it still possible to get access to the Society of Biblical Literature citation style that is based on the SBL Handbook of Style's 1st edition? If so, how? It doesn't seem to be available in the style repository.

Although the Journal of Biblical Literature has now upgraded to SBLHS, 2nd ed., some other journals run their style based on SBL with their own modifications. One in particular with which I'm working is still using SBLHS, 1st ed., as its basis.

If it's still available by some mechanism, therefore, the Zotero citation style for the 1st ed. would put the footnotes a good deal closer to the citation format that this journal is wanting.

Thank you so much for the advice!
  • Last version of the style before the 2nd edition update is at
  • Okay. That's fabulous. I just edited the ID field to a fictitious URL and adjusted the title to something that would make sense to allow the 1st and 2nd ed styles to sit side by side.

    Thanks, again, so much!
  • I have exactly the same problem (I need the SBL 1st edition). Though, I do not know how to handle the given link: thanks for any help!
  • Right click and Save As to download the style. Open it in a text editor and change the title and id lines to something else. Install into Zotero.

    Can you give a link to the journal that is stills requiring SBL 1st?
  • Thank you VERY much!
    Revue de Qumran, for instance (
  • edited November 11, 2017
    Is there more than the Revue de Qumran, that you know of?
    We want to add as many styles as possible to help scientists/researchers around the world. If you let us know we can get it added ;)

    I've just put in a request for the RdQumran style and that'll go live within a week usually.
  • E.g. Henoch ( has rules similar to (but not identical with) SBL 1st.
    Thanks :)
  • If you’d like styles for journals with similar but not identical changes made, can you post links to them (like you’ve done) and enumerate the specific differences?
  • Ok, will do asap
  • Please use HTML formatting tags <i> <b> <sup> etc. for any italics, bold, superscript, etc. formatting in the references.
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