firefox jumps to foreground when inserting citation in word (mac os x)

In mac os x, when inserting a citation into a word document, instead of just the add/edit citation box appearing, the firefox browser also comes into view (sits under the add/edit citation dialog box but above the word document), occluding the word document. This happens when firefox is maximised in the background but not when firefox is minimized to the dock. Nor does this happen within windows xp (regardless of whether firefox is maximised in the background or minimised to the taskbar).

It is a particular annoyance when using the spaces feature of mac os x. If the word document is in one space, the add/edit citation box will jump to whatever space firefox is in. You are automatically returned to the word document's space after the citation has been added, but I want to be able to see the word document whilst adding the citations.

Is there a setting to disable such behaviour or is this a bug?

Here is the setup I am using: zotero 1.5-sync 3.5, firefox 3.0.4, word 2008 for mac. Not sure how to determine which version of word plugin I have installed, but it was only downloaded yesterday.
  • I am experiencing the same problem, except with Zotero 1.0.9, Firefox 3.08, and word 2004 for Mac. Help?
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