Firefox reader view, translator support

Firefox 38.x introduced new feature called reader view, could translator support this function?
the function strip the article from all addition like print page
it works on wide range of sites, I think using its outcome will enhance translation procedure which now includes lots of unwanted information
  • Are you referring to using the reader view for saving a snapshot attachment? I doubt that it would be possible to support metadata import from reader view (it might just work as is for some pages though). I also don't think that reader view would replace snapshot, since saving the page as you see it is always the safest option. I haven't tried this, but could you just use reader view on a saved snapshot?
  • Reader view don't work on snapshot, it don't support all sites just like translators.
    but its view "when works" much better than page snapshot.
  • Ok, but I'm still not entirely clear on what you want Zotero to do with the reader view.
  • use it as snapshot when possible, better view, less size, no unwanted blocks, ads, etc
  • most important no scripts to disturb the snapshot view
    and no thousand headlines from Magazines which disturb the search.
  • Ok. I'm not against this, but as I said above, this probably wouldn't be the default option, since reader view is a "best effort" cleanup and may remove critical content. We'll see how Zotero can take advantage of it (I haven't played with it much). Some potentially useful discussion here We might be able to trigger reader view from snapshot attachment view, which would probably be the best solution.
  • Optional would be nice.
    I didn't try reader view extensively, since it's new, but on most E-magazines it's much user friendly and dramatically smaller page size.

    I didn't look at the function or bug discussion in detail, but I suppose the function still under development, so I don't know how zotero approach should be?
    I think the final view outcome would be the best, this will allow including some extension enhancement.
  • Page styling in snapshots of Reader View should now be correct in the latest 4.0 Beta.

    As just one data point, a snapshot of a single NYT article is 19 files at 319KB in Reader View vs. 202 files at 6.6MB.

    I think a preference (and save button drop-down menu option) for this makes sense, though like Aurimas I'm not sure about doing this by default. But the web has gotten so out of control that recursively saving every file and script linked from a page — at least on a media site — produces pretty absurd results.
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    Thanks Dan,
    I just checked the beta version it's working fine
    but I think it could be better for long term enhancement if Zotero trigger the reader view from option.
    so the user could set zotero to use reader view always from preferences, or third option in the menu to take reader view snapshot without the need for user to open reader view then save the snapshot.

    1st option I think is better because many options at the menu need to be duplicated.
  • Reader view has extended to cover almost 90% of web pages with good result, I think adapting it with metadata worth the effort.
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