Initials vs. full author names

Is there currently a way to tell Zotero to make a bibliography and use the authors' first name initials instead of full names when full names are in the reference information? I was using the MS Word Plugin and my bibliography was a mix of full first names and initials (because that is the data entered into Zotero); in addition, sometimes the second-plus authors were listed first-name or -initial first, then last name, sometimes last name-first, then first name or initial. I used Chicago author-date style.
  • edited March 16, 2007
    Another problem: after 6 authors, the bibliography lists "et al." Some of my references had only 6 authors but Zotero still tacked an "et al." on the end, although there were no more. I'm not sure if this is Chicago author-date style or not, but it certainly won't do for scientific bibliographies.
  • Zotera seems not to be picking up an author's initials from a COinS 'rft.auinit' field. As my application has only author initials and not any first names, 'given name' is shown as blank in the citation.
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