Turabian Author Credentials

How do you handle cases where authors have credential letters following their name (i.e. O.C.D., Ph.D, etc.)?

Also, how can I suppress these letters in the footnote short-form?
  • should those be included? Since most professors have PhDs, that'd seem like useless clutter.
  • Well in my case I am citing a Preist for the Order of Carmelite Discalced and those credentials are the way his name is listed from his book (O.C.D.).

    Right now I am tacking onto the end of the last name (i.e. Kavaungh, O.C.D.). This works in long-form but the professor wants this dropped in short-form footnotes. I am looking for a way to modify CSL so I do not have to edit all the short-form footnotes.
  • Sorry, I don't think that can be done. Since titles aren't normally cited (and I wouldn't cite O.C.D., either -- Chicago Manual isn't explicit on these, but says to leave out titles like "King" and "Saint" (14.74), which seems similar) I don't think we'll be adding it, either.
  • That is okay I was just curious.

    FYI ... Turabian does not exclude titles like Saint (
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