Default setting for auto-adding proxies?

Just a small request - I spent the last half hour wondering why "full text" links from the NASA ADS were ending up at the login page for ezproxy at a University I visited last week.

Eventually I discovered that zotero had automatically added a proxy setting so that all calls to get routed through this university - which I was only visiting, and do not have an off-site login for.

Perhaps it's just me, but it took me a little while to realise that zotero was responsible (I was deleting cookies etc.) - the default behaviour to auto-add and then continue to use these proxies could either be switched off, or at least a pop-up added when a proxy is added...?
  • Zotero should only add a proxy automatically if the "transparently redirect" setting is off. If it's enabled, you should get a warning dialog (though this dialog text itself needs to be refined). It also should only prompt you to add a proxy if you actually log in, not just from visiting a site.

    Are you able to reproduce the adding of the proxy?
  • I am no longer at the University in question - but to give more detail, I switched firefox to auto-detect proxy settings (required for access to the internet), and used a variety of online publications whilst there.

    I have not changed the settings in zotero prefs / Proxies - both boxes are ticked.

    I don't recall seeing any warnings. Next time I visit I will check and confirm!
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