How move item to a specific group with a shortcut or double clicke

Hi Everyone,
I have many items in the root library, I only need a few of them in a paper so I create a group for that. But I have to drag and drop the item I want to the new created group, which is not convenient. Is it possilbe to create a macro and assign that to a shortcut key?
Thank you!
  • no, it's not.
    Do you actually mean a group, though, or do you mean a collection?

    Instead of a collection you could consider using tags. Easier assignment to collections via keyboard is generally planned, but it's not going to happen super soon.
  • I mean collection. There is a emacs packge called zotelo which can sync bibiliography data of a zotero collection within emacs. It's more efficient if the collection is small.
    There is a firefox plugin called keysnail which is super good, I don't know javascript, but if you could provide some functions then it should be easy to bind them to keys.
    Also the better bibtex pulgin is very good, it could be better if I can automatically generate citation key for highlighted item and copy the key to clipboard. The plugin zutilo can quickcopy item to clipboard and bind it to a key, I am not sure if the key is unique or not.
    It's really a good idea to add more keyboard operation, it will save a lot of time.
    Thank you so much!
  • Please know that you can select several items at once and then drag all to a collection with one motion.
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