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Dear all,
I am kindly asking for Your help. I am writing my thesis manuscript, I have created a csl citation style which fulfils the requirements of my Institution. However, I still have slight problem with putting hyper-link in the reference list. My style appears as follow:

[Haras, 2014]M. Haras, V. Lacatena, F. Morini, J.-F. Robillard, S. Monfray, T. Skotnicki and E. Dubois “Fabrication of integrated micrometer platform for thermoelectric measurements,” in Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 2014 IEEE International, 2014, pp. 8.5.1–8.5.4, doi:

but when I insert the bibliography into the Word document the doi links are not highlighted so You can't click on them to be redirected on the journal's page.

Does anyone among You has solved this problem?? Do You know how I can force the csl editor to put the hyper-links at the doi number??

Thank You in advance for Your help, I am sure that Your contribution will be fruitful.
  • Zotero can't do that. I believe there's a Word function, though, that allows you to select a section of text (here your bibliography) and turn URLs into hyperlinked URLs. Shouldn't be hard to find/google, but details depends on your Word version.
  • Hi, one way for the final finishing of your thesis before submittinig is use keyboard shortcut for AutoFormat in MS Word (for MS Word 2010 it is Alt+CTRL+K). But they must satisfy two conditions:
    1. bibliography must be unlinked from Zotero (it must be only text not Zotero field - you must manualy use "Zotero Remove Codes")
    2. between doi: and http: must be space ("doi: http://" is correct, "doi:http:" will not work)

    Because it si possible that AutoFormat function can change some other parts of your thesis, than I suggest copy the bibliography to new document. There you can unlinking and autoformat bibliogrpahy and after that copy the bibliography back into your thesis.
  • Note, though that your "doi:http://" format is probably incorrect. CrossRef (which manages most DOI-related issues) specifies that one should use either "doi:" or "" but not both. Which style are you using?

    I would recommend just using In that case, you can make the links live by removing Zotero codes, then typing a space or newline after each link (Word autoformat will take care of the rest).
  • or which is also supported (and even slightly preferred) by CrossRef and shaves off an extra three characters.
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