Mac Word 2008 Plugin -- Bibliography format issue

The plugin is working beautifully for me (so long as I don't initiate it while in Notebook Layout view). My only issue is with the bibliography format. I tried several of the available styles, and for each of them the bibliography listing for journal articles includes the URL information which was stored in my Zotero database. However, I do not actually want to include this unnecessary information in my printed bibliography. Is there any way I can fix this without editing each bibliography entry separately? (In other words, can I choose which fields are included in the bibliography listings?)

Thanks very much.
  • Please search the forums. This has come up many times.
  • Thanks, Bruce. You could have just given me the answer :-) --- but half an hour later I seem to have found it: I just need to uncheck the 'Include URL' pref on the Export tab of Zotero preferences. Problem solved!
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