bug report: MS Word plugin: no focus when citation selector opens


My main problem with this addin is at the moment that it initially does not get focus: I have to click with the mouse before I can enter some Text (say in the search field or the page field). Mouseless handling would be nice.
Thanx, Gregor
  • I'd like to second Gregor's concern. When writing at speed, not having the cursor immediately available and not being able to tab between fields in the Word citation window - these minor annoyances become serious impediments to adequate streamlining.

    If anyone is going to fix this issue, there is another, related preference I'd like to register. When typing in a search term into the citation window, it would be nice to be able to use the arrow keys to select the desired item from the available list. Much faster.

    From a long-time EndNote user: this software looks to be a sleek option. Especially thinkable once bugs like this are streamlined out.
  • gzattler, I'm curious: Did you set a keyboard shortcut so you didn't have to click the add-citation icon? If so, what did you use? Is there some obvious choice that should get put into the released plug-in?
  • @mccaskey: sorry for answering that late: Yes I set keyboard shortcuts via MS Words Macro capabilities. I used a two keystrokes sequence (prefix plus "a" for add citation, etc). I do not know about obvious choices regarding keyboard shortcuts in MS Word since keyboard bindings differ according to localization... I usually use umlaut-o (รถ) as a prefix because I use a german keyboard and neither Microsoft nor any other add-on uses this keybinding.
    Does this answer your question?

    Ciao, Gregor
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