Search results in expanded items in central pane

Whenever I do a search, some, but not all, items end up expanded in the middle pane.

Is there any way to avoid this?
  • Items are expanded when the search matches child items. You can set the search bar to Title, Creator, Year to match only top-level items, or you can press the "-" key afterward to collapse all items.
  • Ah, that explains it. It'd be great if that were a preference though. I'm usually looking for something specific and the more items I can see, the better.

    On my machine, focus remains on the search field, so typing a - just puts one in there. Instead I have to move focus to the pane by clicking in it (fastest way) and then select all and then hit - or left arrow.

    Big hassle.
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    You don't have to do a Select All. "-" collapses all items, regardless of what's selected.

    You can also press Tab two or three times (depending on whether the tab selector is showing) to move to the middle pane instead of clicking.

    You can also just leave the search in Title, Creator, Year mode. It's just that All Fields & Tags and Everything modes search child items too.
  • Ah, that's helpful. I knew about tabbing. I like the more expansive search, since I use tags.

    (My biggest peeve about the search field is that it (usually?) doesn't select all the current text when you command-F back into it after doing other things. That means a select-all and then over-type, instead of just typing.)
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    That looks like a bug in Standalone. I've created a ticket for that, but Cmd-Shift-K should do what you want in the interim.
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