New versions of the CSL processor "gadgets"

I recently did some work on the "processor patch" plugins that we use to provide interim updates and modifications to the CSL processor running in Zotero.

The new versions are built as "restartless" plugins. I haven't tried installing them in Standalone, but in theory they should work equally well with Zotero for Firefox and SA. (Testing would be very welcome.)

I am beginning to consolidate work that has been scattered across various websites over the past five years in a single location. As items are moved, they will receive new IDs and update keys. For the new patch plugin releases, this means that when you first install from the new site, you will need to remove the previous plugin version manually to disable it.

The new kit is here:
  • Thanks so much for doing this!

    Both plugins work in both Zotero for Firefox and SA on a Windows machine.

    One issue: I think that you forgot to adjust the plugin ID information for the uppercase version. It installs over the standard version with the title "...(standard version)"
  • That's good news (apart from the the ID glitch, oops). Should have that fixed shortly.
  • The IDs of the two gadgets are now properly separated. Sorry about the hiccup - and great to hear that both work okay with Standalone.
  • Thanks so much for implementing the bootstrapping with these!
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