Same document, two different systems

Perhaps a stupid question, but I do not know the answer ... a colleague of mine started writing a text using Zotero. I have my own Zotero setup. How can I edit the references in the text my colleague wrote?

  • Make a shared group library and work from that. Otherwise, if you are each using your own "My Library," you can't work on a common text.
  • that's actually no longer true, arggem: If you both have "Store References in Document" selected in the Document Preferences in Word (assuming you use Word), you can both author the same document. The only thing to pay attention to is this:
    If you want to cite a work that's already cited in the document, make sure you select it from "Cited" and not from "My Library" -- these headers appear when using the quick-format add-on, which you really should be using when co-authoring:

    If you both use LibreOffice, this is exactly the same. If one of you uses each, it'a a bit trickier, but still mostly possible.
  • Oops. Sorry. I thought I knew the answer to that one! I haven't had a need to pay attention to Stored references. Good to know!
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