logged in to zotero forums but can't add to discussions

I am logged onto Zotero account on this computer (as protein function) via FF v 3.0.4 and can add to the zotero forums as I am doing right now.

However, I am also logged into zotero (as protein function) via FF v 3.0.4 on my other computer and I can't add to the forums as I am doing on this computer.

Also, on that computer I don't see
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Both computers (this one - working) and the other one which is not allowing me to contribute to zotero forums both say welcome protein function (and had previously accepted my login). I can not figure it out. Anyone (I realize this is a FF problem since on the other computer I can get write access to forums is Internet Explorer.
  • Clear your zotero.org cookies in the Firefox prefs.
  • nope. did not work. cleared zotero cookie from Tools/Options/Security. then exited and re-entered Firefox and logged back onto zotero site. All other settings in FF seemed identical (between the 2 computers). wierd.
  • edited December 1, 2008
    There is one difference. The computer on which zotero forums are not working is connected to my work computer via a VPN session. I will log out of that and see if it cures the problem.

    Nope exiting the VPN session did not heal the problem, nor did rebooting. Well, fo now I am more concerned with zotero, so I will just communicate using this computer or IE on the other (I don't want to take resources away from zotero development).
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