disambiguating between different authors and editors

I have found two problems with the

<option name="disambiguate-add-year-suffix" value="true"/>

citation option.

Firstly, it doesn't disambiguate between the same name in author field and the editor field, when the editor's name is substituting for the author. This is quite a common occurrence. For example, Smith is the editor of a book published in 2004 and also had a chapter in that book. I want to cite both the book and the chapter, but the citation and the bibliography do not have a year suffix.

This could be solved by a disambiguation option that worked with the author-short macro, in which the editor's name is substituted for a citation with no author.

Secondly, it doesn't disambiguate between two citations with no dates by the same author.

This seems to be true of all the available author-date styles, so the problem would seem to be in the CSL citation option above.

Is anyone able to provide a solution. It would help to fix all the existing author-date styles on Zotero.
  • I'm having the same problem, that there is no disambiguation between the same name cited as an editor one time and as an author/contributor to the same edited volume another time. Below an example citing an edited volume and a chapter in that volume written by the editors. This is not an issue of having entered the names in slightly different forms. I double checked this and all names have been entered in identical spelling. I can also report that the problem occurs consistenly across different styles (ASA, APSA, APA, Harvard, Chicago)

    Is there any news on this problem since the last post on this thread? Any workaround other than manually adding the disambiguation?

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  • James, Gitty K,

    While it's not any immediate help, the new Zotero CSL citation formatter that I am working on will handle the first case (disambiguation based on substituted names) correctly. The second case will also be handled as James desires, although it might look a little odd typographically.

    Frank Bennett
  • Great! Thanks for letting us know!
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