Google translator does not work on 1.5-sync3.3

I cannot save to Zotero from google scholar. I seem to have up-to-date translators, and the most recent version of zotero 1.5. Saving from Science Direct also has been on and off lately.

Anyone experiencing similar problems?

  • There are some issues with both translators, but can you provide example URLs?
  • I also have sporadic problems with Science Direct. Today's trouble was here:
  • For example,

    If I try to save the first hit on this page it fails. Or this, where there is only one hit on the page:

    Or for a different reference, how about this:

    They all fail to save with Zotero.

    Also with ScienceDirect, my observations are also good and bad, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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